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Nemox Gelato 5+5K Crea Twin i-Green

2 years warranty

In case of defective articles: collection and delivery of the device to the nearest service center or authorized service center.

24 months warranty

Nemox Gelato 5+5K Crea Twin i-Green

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Produce 2×1,25 kg (2×1.75 l.) in 12/15 min – 2×5 kg (2×7 l.) Hour. 4 Specific production programs (Gelato Classico – Semi-Soft Ice Cream – Granita – Shock freezing). 4 Specific storage programs selectable depending on the different needs and characteristics of the product.

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Gelato 5 + 5K TWIN i-Green a free-standing batch freezer able to prepare two flavors at the same time. It is equipped with two separate and independent refrigeration and mixing systems, therefore it is possible to use the two groups at the same time or it is possible to use only one group according to the needs.

With Gelato 5+5K TWIN i-Green you can produce 1,25Kg+1,25Kg (3,5l) of ice cream in about 12/15 minutes. 10Kg (5Kg+5Kg) (14l) per hour. Gelato 5+5k twin is equipped with wheels with brakes that allow you to move it easily where required. Air cooling.

Manual mode

In manual mode the operation of the compressor and paddle are independent to make the most user’s experience. The storage function can be started only and if it’s necessary. An electronic device stops the paddle when the consistency of the preparation is excessive, thus preventing compromising the mechanical functions of the machine. The cooling system will continue to run until it is manually stopped.

Simply press the compressor and paddle buttons. The manual function is activated. When the preparation reaches the desired consistency, switch off the machine. The storage function can be selected pressing the buttons of the compressor and the paddle at the same time.

The machine will automatically switch to conservation to choose between the 4 cycles available, from a softer consistency to a greater one.

Automatic mode

When used in automatic mode, it is possible to select between 4 operating programs:

  • Ice cream / gelato / sorbet: the mixture reaches the typical density of homemade ice cream / gelato / sorbet.
  • Semisoft ice cream: more air is incorporated to obtain a higher overrun.
  • Granita: In order to obtain the characteristic ice crystals of the granita, during the cycle the mixing blade is made to work alternately.
  • Blast freezing: By inserting the mixture at a temperature of about 80 ° C, this is lowered to a temperature between 10 ° C and 5 ° C in a 10 minutes cycle. During this cycle the blade works alternately. At the end of the blast chilling cycle the machine starts the conservation cycle to keep the temperature of the mixture in the reached range.

The automatic function can be selected using the button near the 4 production’s cycle. The first program will automatically be selected and can be changed by pressing the main program button again. When the selected program starts, you can choose the cycle of desired conservation, between the 4 cycles available, from a softer consistency to a greater one.

The conservation cycle can be selected by repeatedly pressing the main conservation button. When the ice cream reaches the correct consistency, the production program automatically ends and the selected conservation cycle starts.

The green “heart”, highlighted by the design, allows to operate in an ecological, efficient way, saving electricity while respecting the environment.

Accessories included:

  • n.2 Gelato spatula
  • n.2 Removable inserts set
  • n.2 Gasket set
  • n.1 Cleaner

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Appliance Dimensions

660x435x1050 mm

Net Weight

84,5 kg

Production per cycle

Every 12-15 minutes 2×1,25 kg (2×1.8 qt)

Production per hour

2×5 kg – 2×7 l.

Shipping Carton

800x600x1300 mm

Gross weight

94,5 kg




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